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The Rise of the Blaster Borg
Big Bad Beetleborgs, episod 27
Tanggal rilis 12 November 1996
Curse of the Shadowborg
The Revenge of Vexor

The Rise of the Blaster Borg adalah episod ke-27 dari Big Bad Beetleborgs. Ini adalah yang kedua dari busur enam episode yang menampilkan penjahat dan kejahatan Beetleborg, Shadowborg.


Kekuasaan Beetleborg dicuri oleh Shadowborg, anak-anak mencari kekayaan Seni untuk bantuan.


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Episod Big Bad Beetleborgs
  1. Beetle Rock, Part 1
  2. Beetle Park, Part 2
  3. TNT for Two
  4. The Ghost is Toast
  5. The Treasure of Hillhurst Mansion
  6. Never Cry Werewolf
  7. Say the Magic Word
  8. Lights, Camera, Too Much Action
  9. Nano in the House
  10. Locomotion Commotion
  11. Cat-Tastrophy
  12. Drew and Flabber's Less Than Fabulous Adventure
  13. Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
  14. It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
  15. The Hunchback of Hillhurst
  16. The Littlest Brattleborg
  17. Haunted Hideout
  18. Monster Rock
  19. Convention Dimension
  20. Root of All Evil
  21. The Doctor Is In
  22. Space Case
  23. The Brain in the Attic
  24. Bye, Bye Frankie
  25. Fangs Over Charterville
  26. Curse of the Shadowborg
  27. The Rise of the Blaster Borg
  28. The Revenge of Vexor
  29. A Friend in Need
  30. Raiders of the Tomb
  31. Big Rumble in Charterville
  32. Yo Ho Borgs
  33. Christmas Bells and Phantom's Spells
  34. Pet Problems
  35. Phantom of Hillhurst
  36. Operation Frankenbeans
  37. The Curse of Mums' Tomb
  38. This Old Ghost
  39. Jo's Strange Change
  40. She Wolf
  41. Something Fishy
  42. Bride of Frankenbeans
  43. Fangula's Last Bite
  44. The Good, the Bad, and the Scary
  45. Buggin' Out
  46. Svengali, By Golly
  47. Big Bad Luck
  48. A Monster is Born
  49. Norman Nussbaum: Vampire Hunter
  50. Brotherly Fright
  51. Fright Files
  52. Borgslayer!
  53. Vexor's Last Laugh